Sinks & Faucets

905Chet Walcott plumbing provides top of the line service that includes superior service and getting the job done right the first time is using top of the line quality sinks, faucets and water filtration.

We choose to use the best name brand products in your home and business to eliminate or minimise any maintenence or call back return trips, to fix the low end parts that should have been repaired or replaced right from the start.

We never sacrifice quality over saving a few extra dollars to install builder grade materials. This is our philosophy that saves home and business owners Time, Money, and Frustration and helps to save the environment!

There are essentially 4 types of faucets:


Each one is different from the other.

-The first 3 do not have a washer and each one is different from the other. The first 3 do not have a washer in them as the need of a neoprene or rubber washer is absent. But the last one has a basic washer.

-The ball faucet is majorly found in kitchens and the chances of its leakage are the maximum due to the highest number of parts. Disc faucets need the least amount of maintenence and are made to suit the modern bathrooms.

-Cartridge faucets are the easiest to repair and maintain. Lastly, compression faucets are the most traditional and found in laundry rooms. Although they are the least expensive, they are the first to break down.

Most of the Oklahoma City plumbers would tell you to replace them. But we can repair all of them. We would always advice you to call a professional for your home and business plumbing jobs. If you try and fix it yourself, you might adverse the problem. Call us right now at 405-632-1623 or Set an Appointment