Outside Hydrants

prier-wall-hydrantWhen you’re looking for one of the finest line of outdoor wall hydrants for your home or business, we here at Chet Walcott Plumbing have some of the best money can buy.

Our suppliers offer many of the most value-priced products available today, and we are proud to offer a large selection of these reliable, high-quality faucets.

We also offer top of the line



Sanitary yard hydrants

We can accomodate to any of your freezeless faucet options. Most of our faucets are “Made-in-USA” products and are available for residential home, retail and commercial business installations.

Chet Walcott Plumbing takes into consideration the importance of back-flow prevention, cross-connection practices and protection of the general water supply.

Remember! During increment weather conditions, turn off and cover up the outside water hydrants. Insulate pipes near exterior walls and crawl spaces and prevent outside faucets and pipe freezing and bursting.

If you choose to attempt your own repair, Shut off the water to the hydrant and take it apart. If it has washers, replace them. If it has worn metal seats you will have to by new seats or a new hydrant. Usually if this is the case, you may need our professional help. Call us @ 405-632-1623 or set an appointment now!