Kitchen Disposal Systems

garbage_disposal_ise1The garbage disposal stops working for a number of reasons.

One thing you see is a backed up sink, and running the disposer doesn’t help. If the disposer makes it’s normal noise, and the water swirls in the sink, most likely the drain is stopped up, and the garbage disposer is OK.

If the disposer hums, but the water doesn’t go around, there may be something stuck in the disposer, stopping it from working. If there is no sound from the disposer, and the water doesn’t swirl, the disposer may be dead, the electric circuit breaker off, or the reset switch tripped.

Many disposers have a thermal switch on the bottom that can be pushed to reset, but a plumber will always ask himself, why did that switch go off? What other problem is there? The plumber will also ask the same question if the circuit breaker shut off because of a circuit overload.

If the body of the disposer leaks, its time to replace the disposer. If the flange to the sink leaks, it can usually be fixed. For most people, these problems require professional assistance.
Are you in need of a garbage disposal installation or perhaps your garbage disposal is in need of repairs?

WARNING! Never stick your hand into your garbage disposal.
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