hqdefaultWhen it comes to replacing an existing dishwasher, it is usually necessary to hire a plumber.

Plan ahead before installing a dishwasher. Measure the space to find out what size you should buy.

Most dishwashers are 18 or 24 inches wide, which will hold about 12 place settings.

Make sure the new dishwasher you buy is the same size as the old one.

There are many options available with today’s dishwashers. Dishwashers have light cycles for washing delicate or lightly soiled dishes, normal cycles for everyday usage, rinse cycles to remove food and energy-saver cycles for drying.

Energy-conscious buyers should inspect the yellow Energy Guide label for the efficiency rating. The lower the number, the less energy the dishwasher will use over a one-year period.

-Our plumber can make any needed repairs or modifications to prepare for your- dishwasher installation which will depend on the condition of the existing plumbing.

Understanding the factors that affect your dishwasher installation can help you plan and budget for the project. Discuss with your installer the location for your new appliance, whether the necessary hook-ups are prepared, and if you need to dispose of an old unit. A number of details help determine the total cost of your
installation, and planning ahead will help you avoid expensive surprises.